Killer Keyboard

Surely it’s helpful but not enough . We have to keep all places and objects clean , around us , where we come in contact.
Growing use of technology has eased our life in many ways but we are at most risk as well. Computers and laptops are used continuously in our life, as a result we are exposed to many harms. Despite the loss of eyesight we are also exposed to many harmful radiations that are effecting us every time we use computers. Yet we have something else that need to be cared about.

Everyone using computer or laptop continuously have their hands on keyboards. If we are not cleaning our keyboards , then it is surely home of large number of many microscopic germs like viruses and bacteria. When we work on such, toxic keyboard ,germs stick with our hands and fingers.

Now what we do , completely unaware of the fact that we are carrying large number of transmittable germs with us , we never bother to wash hands . When we touch different objects around us, we leave germs in new places. In fact, everywhere where we go and touch . These microscopic organisms start multiplying in new place . They grow and grow more with each passing moment .If anyone else touches those objects then he will carry those germs with him and will eventually spread them on new ventures. These germs also enter inside our bodies when we eat with such germ carrying hands.
That’s not it , when we shake hands with others we directly pass these germs onto them. Sometimes with passage of times it happens that we develop immunity against those germs, but they can harm their new host.
So we must be very careful about cleaning our keyboards regularly with some good disinfectant. We should be also very careful for cleaning our hands . All doctors emphasize on cleaning hands as most of diseases are transmitted with hands. Specially make habit of washing hands before eating , and teach kids for this practice. Its also told by Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him that clean your hands before eating.
So by showing a small care towards us and to others we can safe ourselves and others from many fatal diseases.
Will you remember to clean your hands next time and will you remember to share with people whom you care about.Stay Healthy and Blessed.
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An opinion about Islam and West.

Islam and west

What is Islam? A religion and complete  code of life ?
 I have some mixed and confusing thoughts in my mind about Islam that I would like to share.

Islam , the religion of the Muslims, a faith regarded to be exposed by Muhammad Peace be upon Him through direct messages from Allah.

“Islam” is an Arabic word it means “submission to the will of God”. It came from Arabic word “Salam”, which means “peace”.

Islam stands for peace of mind and heart, we must submit to God’s will and live according to His Law. The foundation of Islam is on the faith that there is nothing worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty Allah.

Muslim is one who submit to will of Allah regardless of his race or nationality. Mostly people in west believe that Islam only came for Arab countries and only Arabs are Muslims. But it is not true though most or almost all of Arab are Muslims but there are many non-Arab Muslims throughout the world. This will be clear if we have a look on different countries of the world and check Muslim population in each part. It will reveal that Muslims are in every country and in every part of world.

Most of people today believe that Islam is a new religion but this is not true as Islam is oldest of all . When Allah sent Adam on earth He told him about submission to Allah . So the ideology was same as in Islam hence Islam is a universal and oldest of all religions.

The religions that other prophets have brought in world with them were not Islam neither their manuscripts were quran but Allah have actually paved the way for  Islam and many prophets of Allah predicted for the arrival of last Prophet Muhammad and ultimately Allah completed Islam in its true form through Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Islam, as it is followed by the vast majority o Muslims throughout the world but this Islam is not in its actual form as was presented by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) but in a moderate one. This is what I believe.

Everywhere we go we meet a lot of Muslims praising west and western society and cursing Muslims and finding faults in Islam. The problem is not with Islam its Muslims themselves who have problem as they have modernized their actual religion . We are not following Islam in its true sense and the problems that are arising everywhere is just because we are not following Islam the way we have to follow it. We are following Islam only where it seems to give us some benefits and rest we have our own rules or we follow west .

If we gaze into pages from history and study about Islam and Islamic civilizations that ruled the world then we can have the clear idea how we have to follow and what are the path that will guide us to success and will help to eradicate our problems .

If we see Islamic civilizations then we see it 1400 years ago when prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him (P.B.U.H) had laid the foundation stone of Islam and Islamic civilization .

The people in Arabia peninsula rise throughout the world , conquered vast latitudes and left an ever lasting impression on hearts and minds of people from where they passed.

Our deterioration started when we kept aside the Islamic laws and developed our own policies to benefit us. I am not writing with an aim to unveil Islam and eradicate misconceptions about it as I believe I do not have that much knowledge to undergo such vast topic of discussion . But I am trying to share only what I believe is wrong and if its amended can help regain our lost pride.

Islam emphasize for the freedom of speech and human rights but nowadays west takes Islam in opposite sense. Wherever there is problem in world , any terrorism identified directly or indirectly it is linked with Muslims or Islam.  The link of different atrocities with Muslims can be true but with Islam is totally wrong and I Condemn any such link from anyone what so ever to be certainly false.

We have observed that the hatred towards Muslims and  specially  Islam raised to its height in past few years after 9/11 and many other incidents throughout the world. Some of leading countries of the world blamed Muslims and Islam for such activities. No one knows as anything that is presented to them , if it is true or it is just a story dramatized and put forward to believe. Today is age of media and anything starting from one corner of world travels in seconds to other end. We are in age of Globalization and facing a media influence and war and not sure what is true and what is not.

Even if I believe that Muslims helped in such activities against humanity but it has surely nothing to do with Islam this is a development from their own minds not from Islam.

Islam is religion of peace and harmony and accepts and respects everyone’s status and does not even allow to force anyone to follow its codes and law. Islam who has orders to be even kind with animals how it can allow for a massive killing of innocent people.

If we go in history we come to know when our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) conquered any new parts he forbade his followers to harm any un armed person in city or even damage plantation or the property . How can we expect such religion can allow us to kill innocent and un armed people on a large scale . This is truly against Law of  Islam .

Islamic civilization originally extended from Western Arabia to the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Asia, tropical Africa, and southern and eastern Europe; and with people which, in the middle of many diversities, share a universal recognition of the belief and law of Islam. Islam had presented the wide civilization with all  its vastness and glory.

The religion of Muslims  have a complete structure of an Islamic society. Islam has complete code of life related to every aspect of life including  literature, politics ,economics, philosophy, science. Law of Islam documents every detail of life and brings into focus different aspects of a world .

In our part I believe we are following a political Islam.

Many Muslims living in today’s world believe that something about Islam isn’t right, but they do not have a clue why and where is the actual problem.

Muslims today who are educated, normally they have a limited knowledge of the Islam and Quran. They know a few verses from Quran and narrate them when needed even without knowing the actual context . Even try to change context for their own benefits. Most of us  share same knowledge to tell about different things . The problem here is, we are emphasizing more on worldly knowledge to  have a better career , good peaceful life but we are forgetting here that PEACE is in following Islam, any worldly knowledge , wealth ,comfort cannot bring peace until we bow to Allah and accept Him as Supreme Power and use His teachings in every aspect of life. Muslims believe that Allah have created everything and He have mentioned everything in Quran and emphasized to explore the universe and get the truth .

We cannot get the truth until we get help from Quran. Many scientists around the world are having research on different fields of life for long time and ultimately they get truth when they took guidance from Quran and they mention this truth in front of the world and even embraced Islam as they came to know that Islam is a true religion and it is not from people like many others religions are from people or have amendments from people.

We try to have a successful life rather than knowing why we are being sent on earth . We just take Islam for granted and know what we got  from our parents and families and do not try to get information by our hard work and never try to learn Islam and Quran like we do in other aspects of our lives.
In this way we create a confusion in our minds related to Islam and also leave same impression of confusion for rest of the world. The more you study the Quran and Hadith you will be clear about teachings of Islam.

Unfortunately one sad aspect today is, the depiction of Islam by some scholars make some Muslims to follow a certain form of Islam and they totally misunderstand Islam as they fail to understand its true sense and decide to commit suicide by terrorist attacks etc.

We are also confused as there are many scholar who have dedicated their whole life to understand Islam but they themselves follow a specific pattern and misunderstand Islam and have serious conflicts with other scholars believing other patterns.

God has clearly shown two paths to mankind and have mentioned the result to follow both of them ; if we are on good path and follow Islam have better actions we will get Heaven and if we do not submit ourselves to Allah’s will and have bad deeds then we will go to Hell. Afterwards Allah have given everyone a free-will and a choice to choose between right and wrong and clearly mentioned Himself that THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN ISLAM .He have give consciousness , knowledge and understanding and made human beings superior of all the species He created. Allah knows that humans are weak and easily distracted by shaitan that’s why the avenue of repentance is always open, and Almighty God loves the person who regrets over his sins and ask for Allah’s guidance and forgiveness.

Islam informs us that peace and satisfaction can only be obtained by living a life according to law of Islam and  being satisfied with what God has given us… In short, the Islamic way of life is pure.

Muslims of the world take west as their guide and think that western people are successful in life and by imitating their style of life we can be successful too. But first we need to know that the life in west is not actual life a Muslim supposed to have.

Islam forbade us to openly interact with opposite sex without any purpose , it forbade us to use alcohol etc . If we know about west then every such thing is common there.

Females are working side by side with male in every field of life . In Muslim world females are allowed to work but with some restrictions and asked not to cross boundaries that Allah have created between male and female.

We have many problems in world and have many restrictions from our religion . Some people who follow some code of life in western society have forgot about the restrictions on them and do whatever they want. They say its “ freedom” but Islam tells us that freedom is controlling ones desires.

They have no restriction for food they can eat whatever they get or want and in which form. How come they can have food shortage.

All restrictions are on Muslim if they follow Islam in its true form and Allah have mentioned clearly that world is not bed of roses for Muslims and Allah will test each one of us and will give reward if we show faith on Him.

If we follow Islam then as a Muslim its well known to us that how Allah will send His help and how Muslims in 313 number can defeat thousands of non believers.

I believe that Islam is not what Talibans are following as there is no compulsion is Islam and they force people to act on Islam .Quran and Hadith tell us how people started to follow Islam as they were impressed by Kindness ,Forgiveness and patience of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h).

I suggest that Muslims of the world must study Islam properly they will understand what is right for them and what is not. Then they will know that success is not in following western society but in following Islam and teachings of holy prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). We as a Muslim are much better in many moral values then followers of another religion. Five times prayer and fasting teaches us self-control , patience .

One can think here if people in west are so happy with their life style and freedom then why is Islam becoming popular everyday and why people in most modernized and developed country are converting to Islam.

We will prosper in every field of life and then west will start following us. There will be a day soon when Muslims of the world will rise and Islam will be the only religion that will be followed In Shaa Allah.

May Allah grant us the courage to fight against desires of our mind and keep us on straight path that lead us to Heaven . (AMEN)

In instances where I have given my own analysis, I accept their personal nature and welcome any unconventional views the reader may wish to submit in response.

This is your chance.

And of course, please let me know about your thoughts, comments, questions and ideas. Just leave a comment at the bottom – I simply want to hear from you and want to know about your ideas relating to Islam.