Do you have a solution?????

Do you have a solution?????

What are our problems????
From West to East millions of humans are living on planet earth. Throughout the World regardless of the religion ,if one is  Muslim , Christian, Jewish or Hindu everyone is facing problems. Having a luxurious or a poor life in a rich or a poor country.
No one is safe from problems around the world, people are dying of fatal diseases , wars , terrorism, drugs , natural calamities etc.  In Muslim majority countries  there are many issues , that are being continuously discussed on many forums like issue of terrorism that have got its strong roots in Muslim world after devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11. Muslims are facing terrorism from outside but the biggest threat is from within.  Besides terrorism or war on terror Muslim countries are having more population than their  resources . Population is continuously increasing and creating major problems of food shortage , corruption , violence , domestic violence that are more common in South East Asia . Increase in poverty  rate , child labor , human trafficking and many more, the list is unending.

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