Mistreatment of Male

Many organizations throughout the world are struggling for rights of females. They are trying to protect them in every possible way against oppression , violence etc and advocate for equal opportunities to live in this World.

But I personally believe there must be some organizations to stand for rights of male and protect them.

If we see our culture in Asia, females are considered as weak compared to male Some male take it as their birth right to treat females badly , even beat them ,especially after marriage. Many cases are registered daily for violence against female for investigation. This is a common issue in most of families in South East Asia. Some come forward and some families hide it just to save their so-called ego in society.

I would  like to write for those males who face such situation .Who are treated badly and have to suffer violence . Who are actually beaten by females ,that can be their wives or any other member from in-laws.

Violence against men, can be in different forms and situations;

  • Domestic violence
  • In Revenge
  • In Fun

These cases are not highlighted as men  never discuss any such situation with others. This is against their  ego . How come they can mention this as females are considered weaker.  , It will not leave good impression for particular man.

Gulf news had a survey , in which it was told that 30% men are beaten at home. Many men in  negate this survey totally ,some think , case cannot be that severe, there can be only 3-4% cases like that and some become angry to hear that .

When I was a child I knew a family living in our neighborhood where a man faced such situation . Many times man was beaten by his wife and everybody got to know this by people working at his home like cooks or cleaners .

Even once one of sweeper showed us the stick that was broken by wife while beating her husband.

I still remember that he was in good position then and he never showed anyone around him about what he was facing at home , but everyone knew about that.

This is one example, if we start inquiring about this many cases can be identified.

We can see violence against men in some situations like ;

  • If female is strong than male, she feels it as her right to take revenge for many other females around her who are beaten by their husbands.
  • Some females do this under certain critical conditions. If they have some disease and they lose their consciousness they do not know at that time what they are actually doing. In this case beating is not limited to husband . anyone who will try to cool them down or try to control them in that situation can be beaten  .
  • Sometimes it happens where some females can have help of others to take any revenge from husband or anyone else.
  • It also happens in families where male  have to with in-laws .Female thinks her on a stronger side and she torture husband or even in some cases mother in law or brother-in-law can beat  for not obeying theirorders.
  • It is also seen in some cases where female is illiterate and have no respect for her husband.
  • If female is working , taking care of everything  and  husband is looking after his home then it can also be observed in such situations ,whenever female will be tired of work or angry about something she can mistreat her husband .
  • It can be in another form , when husband was angry and he slapped his wife or hit her during argument or fight afterwards when things get normal , he can ask female to take revenge just to relax his wife. There can be two cases female can forgive her husband and can be happy just to hear this or she can take the revenge and beat him as he did.

It is normally seen that any kind of mistreatment is result of aggression by any group of people to certain other group of people ; it can be from, male to female or female to male or female to female and from male to male .

Mostly it comes from male as they are aggressive ,strong and violent. Normally emotionalism , softness ,etc. are thought to be feminine qualities but I think it is totally wrong . These are feelings and anyone can possess them . God have not pinned them on females. In today’s male dominated society if a man ask for guidance or help he is considered as weak and looked down upon as a female.

As far as Muslims are concerned , it is allowed for male to even beat their females but under certain severe circumstances when females are doing something against Islamic laws , but it is emphasized that first try to convince them by discussion  but if still they do not stop ignore them try something else , use physical punishment or violence as last option against them. But as far beating ones husband is concerned Islam do not allow any female to do so , even it is said that if female is allowed to bow in front of someone except Allah , that could be husband.

I know many men will be really angry after reading this and even scold me but it is a fact. I will ask them to take a break and think if they had never faced any situation in which they were hurt , mistreated or tortured by females or males.

I personally believe that there should be no oppression against anyone regardless of sex. Islam have given equal rights to men and women and emphasized to behave nicely with everyone as we will be asked for how we treated others in this world.

2 thoughts on “Mistreatment of Male

  1. Even here in the UK, domestic violence, as we call it is 99% associated with men beating on women, but there are now more cases of men experiencing marital violence too…even in our South Asian communities here, but here too men just brave it out and don’t report or say anything for fear of being seen less ‘manly’.

    It’s a sad case when two people who are supposed to be in love with each other are assaulting each other or one dominating the other through physical and emotional abuse. This is a cancer on society, and one which I hope will one day become a thing of the past.


    • Yes Vijay you are right that the one who love when treat each other like this, seems to have no sense. Women express their feelings and tell to all about violence but man hides. I hope some day these problems will finish from world.
      Thank you for taking time and commenting.

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