Pallandri, Azad Kashmir.

Voice of Sudhnoti: Pallandri, Azad Kashmir..

Let me take you on a road trip to Pallandri, District Sudhnoti Azad Kashmir from Islamabad , Pakistan. Actually, I have no intention to tell each detail of complete trip in just one post. Surely , you will be tired. You can imagine about the roads. I think , it’s just like a spiral helix. Hopefully, I am not exaggerating 🙂 . I will just share few pictures from Kashmir when I was travelling from Islamabad, Pakistan. In above picture you can clearly see fog covering whole town. There is rain almost every day and when weather is clear we have this scene. I have joined few pictures of my trip that you can check here. 
This is Flag of Azad Kashmir. White strips represent four rivers of Kashmir and yellow part indicates occupied territory. 

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